Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville

This is fascinating to me.

Bellingham Herald: ‘Bellingham mayor ‘still in a quandary’ over jail funding plan’

The supposed ‘liberal democrat’ is the one being conscious of and carefully considering the impact of this jail project on the taxpayer. Not the supposed ‘conservative republican.’ What a world we live in, huh?

“We’d like to help people first,” before booking them into jail, Linville said.

In her criticism of Louws’ draft of the jail agreement, Linville said she would like to see a clearer division in how the 0.1 percent tax, the proposed 0.2 percent tax and a separate 0.1 percent sales tax for mental health and addiction services would be spent. (The latter tax is not considered part of the 0.3 percent limit.)

“I would prefer a cleaner option, but we need a new jail,” Linville said.

So the tax ante appears to actually be up to .4% now. The Herald article points out that the existing .1% tax, added to the proposed .2% tax, will actually include an additional .1% tax for mental health services, even though the latter is considered exempt from the .3% tax limitation for public safety.

Linville is clearly in agreement with the need for a new facility, as many are, including this writer.

I would like to stand and applaud Mayor Linville for looking out for the little guy. That’s what every public official should be doing and it’s one thing that seems all but absent from most of the discussions I’ve heard and read about this jail.

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