Change Or Replace Your Ballot Online

To Change Or Replace Your Ballot Online Until November 3rd:

If you have changed your mind on your vote and have already mailed your ballot, did you know that you can still change it until November 3rd?

Yes you can. If you log in to the Secretary of State website linked below and follow these simple steps:

1: Complete the simple form and click continue. You will next see a page with your voter registration information.

2: Look for the MyBallot button along the left side of the page and click it. This will take you to your MyBallot page.

3: Click the link under the 2015 General Election heading  ( and you will be taken to the Whatcom everyonecounts website.

4: Below the heading “Welcome to the Whatcom County November 3, 2015 General Election,” read the military or overseas voter question and click the yes or no button. You will then be taken to the ‘Address Verification’ page if you answered no. (I don’t know where it goes if you answer ‘yes.’)

5: Scroll through your ballot to either re-vote the entire ballot or to change items you’ve already submitted by mail. (This is where you would find the county sheriff vote to change it.)

6: When you’ve finished your ballot, click continue at the bottom and there you go, you just changed your ballot.

I would be honored to receive your write in vote for County Sheriff.

Best regards,

~Paul Murphy ‪#‎MurphyForSheriff‬

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