Greetings and Welcome to Northwest Outpost.

This is my new blog, but I’m not a new blogger. I’ve been writing and posting online for many years now as a concerned American citizen and resident of Whatcom County, Washington.

Those who live here (and elsewhere), know how deficient local media has been when it comes to anything labeled as ‘controversial’ or ‘extremist’ <insert derogatory label of the day> (read as: pursuing truth) and that which is seen as disruptive to the local establishment status quo.

In writing here, I hope to do my small part to tear back the barriers and the deceptions that get in the way of real understanding and honest discourse amongst like minded folks. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, is it not?

To my way of thinking, a solution to any problem begins first with knowing the facts. A problem must be fully understood in order to come to a reasonable solution. Discussions and debates that don’t revolve around the truth of a matter, the bulk of what seems to routinely occur nowadays, seems, at best, a pointless waste of time. At it’s worst, an intentional misdirect and plenty of that happens too.

Speaking of time wasting, you have my word that I’ll do my utmost to make sure I don’t waste your time. I don’t intend to cover things that seem adequately covered elsewhere and what I do choose to write about receives the best research and due diligence I can muster, being careful to distinguish between what is fact and what is opinion or mere speculation.

If that strikes a chord or two for you, please bookmark this page and let’s see what we, together, can get done for the little guy in Whatcom County and beyond. Many of us, not just me, see needs that just aren’t being properly addressed or discussed here.

Best regards,