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Re: Bill Elfo’s Lynden Tribune Article Supporting 3rd Jail Tax (18OCT17)

A well written comment to a post I shared on facebook. From Joy Gilfilen, President of Restorative Community Coalition and host of Joy Talk radio.

Joy really nailed it on this, in my opinion.

“Thank you Paul for standing up and speaking out against the monstrous jail tax. This is a manufactured crisis to expand the jail industry in Whatcom County. I filed documents that essentially prove this back in 2016 called Noble Cause Corruption.

Today, I would take it further: The economic jail industry expansion game the top three law enforcers in this county are playing is a form of immoral extortion being perpetrated against law-abiding citizens. They are playing a game like jail monopoly in the boardgame world, to see how much money they can take from taxpayers as they put us in more tax bondage or in jail (to divide and conquer) before we figure out their game is complete domination of the board. The only way out is to vote REJECT.

When you get the facts, it is pretty clear that the master big government/quasi-corporate jail industry goal is to expand the market for punishment in the deep northwest corner of the US – on the back of locals. Once people get arrested they lose thousands to the jail industry privateers – the highly paid contractors who make money on the side – that never goes through the county coffers. And most “nice people” who have not been accused or had to defend themselves against the law enforcers and courts have no idea this even happens.

My experience is that the Sheriff specifically right now is using his authority under color of law to dominate the game. Teamed up with the Prosecutor and the Executive, they have been using deceptive methods to hunt down and prey on decent people. One of the most deceptive is the game where they prey on people’s trust in God…for these three all swear on a bible when they take the oath of office. So honest people trust them to uphold honor, freedom and we trust them to protect us.

When these people deceive us it hurts. It took me a long time to finally discover the truth. And it felt like the sickest form of deep betrayal when I finally got the facts, and the inevitable conclusion violated my sacred trust on every level. They are not telling the truth.

After reading the Sheriff’s article in the Lynden Tribune published Oct. 18, 2017 I realized that this was the most brilliant piece of deception I have ever read. It is grooming innocent taxpayers for the takedown – and he is doing it brazenly, in public, so no-one will have time to call him out before the vote. Without technically telling an untruth, Elfo avoids responsibility for the fact that he has been the person in responsible charge who could have repaired the jail using the extra $15.7 Million a year we entrust to him. Instead, in this article, he told readers that up was down, and that down was up…and they should believe him because he is the Sheriff.

Nope. I will no longer shake hands with any one of the top three elected officials in this county. I will not shake hands with the jail director, or anyone else who is persecuting people for profit and punishing the decent citizens who pay their salaries. That is upside down and I will not dishonor my hand…and I stand against paying more taxes to incarcerate more non-violent people and children so that the courts and cops get bigger.

It is with very deep sadness that there is no time left to do a duel of facts in the court of public opinion…for I object to every single paragraph he wrote on both factual and moral grounds.”
~Joy Gilfilen

‘David vs Goliath’

I just heard about this podcast today. Figured I’d share it here, since if I hadn’t heard about it, I’m guessing most Whatcom County people hadn’t either.

Yours truly is discussed from 16:45 to 22:00 on the 07-04-15 Dick Donahue’s Wealth Wake Up Program with Glen Morgan.

Although I am puzzled that to this date, no one locally has sought my firsthand perspective of what happened and why, I would like to thank Dick and Glen both for telling the other side of this. There’s actually quite a lot to what happened. It’s long and it’s ‘complicated’ as people say today, but this was still a pretty good summation.

For the record, there was no ‘severance.’ I was wrongly fired on trumped up nonsense and Whatcom county essentially admitted to it when they came running to us with a $300K settlement offer and rolled back Elfo’s termination so I could ‘resign.’

That may sound like a lot of money, but trust me, after the attorney is paid and costs are calculated, there’s not much left. We came away from it in the black, but very upside-down from what it actually cost me in terms of reputation, career, retirement, etc.

Still, I stand a totally vindicated man now in spite of what Elfo et al have publicly stated on several occasions and for that I am very grateful.

Note: I called in to the KGMI radio show the day Dillon Honcoop and Bill Elfo teamed up to rail against me and publicly trash my reputation on air with what are now proven falsehoods. Honcoop wouldn’t even accept the call to at least hear my side of the events and KGMI hasn’t returned any calls at all since that time. It was a totally one-sided, very slanted slam job against me and my character, presumably to help defend Elfo and if I do say, a totally unprofessional way to conduct a program. I know why Honcoop has a beef with me, but I won’t get into it here. Let’s just say it was ‘duty related’ from when I was on patrol. The point is that KGMI as a radio station has been in Elfo’s back pocket on this issue and continues to block my comments and responses on their website posts even now.