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‘David vs Goliath’

I just heard about this podcast today. Figured I’d share it here, since if I hadn’t heard about it, I’m guessing most Whatcom County people hadn’t either.

Yours truly is discussed from 16:45 to 22:00 on the 07-04-15 Dick Donahue’s Wealth Wake Up Program with Glen Morgan.

Although I am puzzled that to this date, no one locally has sought my firsthand perspective of what happened and why, I would like to thank Dick and Glen both for telling the other side of this. There’s actually quite a lot to what happened. It’s long and it’s ‘complicated’ as people say today, but this was still a pretty good summation.

For the record, there was no ‘severance.’ I was wrongly fired on trumped up nonsense and Whatcom county essentially admitted to it when they came running to us with a $300K settlement offer and rolled back Elfo’s termination so I could ‘resign.’

That may sound like a lot of money, but trust me, after the attorney is paid and costs are calculated, there’s not much left. We came away from it in the black, but very upside-down from what it actually cost me in terms of reputation, career, retirement, etc.

Still, I stand a totally vindicated man now in spite of what Elfo et al have publicly stated on several occasions and for that I am very grateful.

Note: I called in to the KGMI radio show the day Dillon Honcoop and Bill Elfo teamed up to rail against me and publicly trash my reputation on air with what are now proven falsehoods. Honcoop wouldn’t even accept the call to at least hear my side of the events and KGMI hasn’t returned any calls at all since that time. It was a totally one-sided, very slanted slam job against me and my character, presumably to help defend Elfo and if I do say, a totally unprofessional way to conduct a program. I know why Honcoop has a beef with me, but I won’t get into it here. Let’s just say it was ‘duty related’ from when I was on patrol. The point is that KGMI as a radio station has been in Elfo’s back pocket on this issue and continues to block my comments and responses on their website posts even now.

The EHM Case Finale

The EHM Case Finale
(Since there wasn’t so much as a whisper of this in local ‘media.’) 

HR 1943 Bill Signing: The Official Photograph
The Governor’s Office, Olympia, Washington, May 18th, 2015

“I could (and have) said a lot about the state EHM problems leading to this moment, but I’ll put that aside now as a completed objective.

My heartfelt gratitude and personal thanks goes out to Scott Roberts and Glen Morgan of the Freedom Foundation, for investigating what I reported to them and for bringing the necessary scrutiny to this issue that ultimately led to the needed changes.

This is Governor Inslee signing into law the bill, HR1943, that passed unanimously through the Washington State Legislature. It was great to see legislators from both parties put aside partisanship to fix a serious public safety problem.

The new law defines, closes the existing loopholes and tightens regulations on existing electronic home monitoring (EHM) law, without creating new law. The perfect way to handle a problem such as this.

Fortunately, Scott and Glen, as well as the entire state legislature and Gov. Inslee, saw through the veil of deceit that Whatcom County officials threw up and around this issue.

I’m so very grateful for that and I now stand a vindicated man now for it.

Best regards,

     Paul Murphy

PS: Please excuse my ‘RV wear.’ We were literally enroute back home from a 2 week RV vacation through the Midwest when I got the call about the bill signing.”

Please forgive me for what may appear as a shameless self-promotion, but the local ‘media’ being what it is, unless I do so and tell you the story, you likely won’t hear one word of it otherwise.

Side Note:  Numerous attempts have been made in the past to get both the Bellingham Herald and KGMI radio to hear my side of the story. To this day, there has not been a single inquiry or response from either one, including the instances when KGMI radio wouldn’t even field or answer my phone calls in response to Dillon Honcoop and Bill Elfo’s on air bashings of me. Isn’t that special?

The EHM case, as it’s come to be known, has a long history that extends as far back as my troubles with Sheriff Bill Elfo do, to mid to late 2007. It’s one of two incidents that led to my running afoul of the incumbent sheriff, as one of his deputies, assigned at that time as a detective….the only time I can think of in my life when I was maligned and reprimanded for doing my job ‘too well.’

EHM is the acronym that stands for electronic home monitoring, meaning ankle bracelets and home detention. I don’t intend to re-litigate the entire sordid mess again here. That’s done and over as far as I’m concerned. That’s not the point of this, but a little backstory is necessary to get the picture of what led to the bill signing pictured above. I may link back to some past reports on the subject if there’s interest, but for now back to the bill signing.

The moment pictured above is my total vindication. Regardless of what Bill Elfo has conned people into believing, and has publicly stated on more than a few instances, the facts of the matter without my opinions, speak for themselves. The entire Washington State legislature and the current Governor of Washington State, by unanimously passing this bill, nodded in agreement.

Bottom line: I was right and I told the truth about all of it. Bill Elfo, David McEachran and Jack Louws were wrong and together orchestrated a number of internal circumstances to manufacture an end to my employment and my career in law enforcement.

So the day pictured above was an especially sweet vindication for me, personally.

The entire process seemed lengthy to me, but I’m told by those involved in the inner workings of Olympia that this bill made it through the process and to the Governor’s desk with lightening speed. Just shy of two years is what I understand. That it occurred with full bipartisan support speaks volumes to me about the necessity and the ability of those involved to see beyond parties and do what was right for public safety.

House Bill 1943 was the culmination of the efforts of many people without whose efforts, time, research, travel to Whatcom and other counties, etc., conducting their own investigation of what I reported, none of this would have happened at all. (This was necessary because of the veil of deceit and the manner in which the primary investigator, me, was marginalized by Whatcom County officials and maligned in the process. Please understand, this county went into full cover-up and denial mode over this.)

So my heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to Scott Roberts and Glen Morgan, both of the Freedom Foundation at the time although I understand that Glen Morgan is now a free agent pursuing other interests.

They heard what I told them and took the time to look into what I reported. As unusual or unbelievable as it probably sounded to them at the time, they soon found on their own, through their own due diligence, that it was just as I said, perhaps that I had even understated it somewhat.

Anyway, without Scott and Glenn, it wouldn’t have happened at all and for that I’m eternally grateful. Rep. Matt Shea, the sponsor of the bill, has my gratitude as well because without a bill there can’t be a bill signing right? As well as Rep. Roger Goodman, who co-sponsored the bill.

Chris Ingalls of King 5 News also helped immensely.  Home monitoring reforms signed into law-King 5 The King 5 Investigates ‘Home Free’ series on the EHM problems throughout the state brought awareness to the problem that had previously been non-existent. Although I have not seen footage of it, Chris interviewed me in my home about this problem back when it was first being scrutinized by the Freedom Foundation. (I’ve seen no attribution to that effect, but I don’t think King 5 was aware of the problem beforehand.)

As to the backstory, for those who are curious and want to know more, here are a few links that should explain what happened, why and how I ran afoul of Bill Elfo, David McEachran and other Whatcom County officials:

Electronic Home Monitoring Fraud Investigation – The Genesis (A slideshare I put together to help people understand what happened and why.)

King Co. judges still letting violent suspects out on home detention – King 5 Home Free series

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